by Franny

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Ethan Mullenax
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Ethan Mullenax Beautiful playing and writing. Powerfully visceral moments alternate with gentle dreamlike moments. It feels like nostalgia, but I think that would be too easy an interpretation. I think perhaps it's not a longing to go back to childhood, but rather to bring the indomitable spirit of our collective childhood into the future with us. at least that's what it does in me. Thanks Evan, Colin, and Philip for the hard work.
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Homebody 02:42
Homebody you already know you're lonely, don't you? You're ghostwriting a memoir about her, cause you love her. Don't you ever call her baby, she might hear you and then what would you do? Nobody you already know you're lonely don't you? Just quit ghostwriting her memoir and tell her that you love her and don't you ever seem embarrassed, else she'll turn you away and then what would you say? You'd say: "I'm imagining a home like yours with your organ on your see-thru floor, but you could be waiting for quite a long time for me to say this."
Corduroy 02:45
Corduroy I am very fond of you and I'd like to purchase you if you''d like me to I'll come home with you. You'll be perfect, so what do you say? No Lisa, I'm tired of spending and this bear needs mending anyway. Where is his button? He's missing a button. So no sleep for Corduroy tonight. It's his button on his mind. He knows just where to find one: past the pillows, by the mattresses, past the stereos and the women's clothes. Ah, no sleep for little bears tonight. They're all out hunting something; that homeliest of feelings! Corduroy I'm still very fond of you and I'd like to purchase you. I emptied my piggy bank so I think I'll purchase you and you'll be perfect, you're the perfect doll.
Little Owl 04:05
Little owl lost, where could his mother be? He's fallen all the way to earth from high up in a pine tree. He's scared. Wouldn't you be? Little hound dog, her name is Susan. She ate a rat and so we had to feed her poison so she'd feel better. Tomorrow they could be gone. Little owl lost, where could his mother be? He's fallen all the way to earth. Can't she see that he's shivering? He's scared that he's freezing. Little hound dog, her name is Susie. She found our owl in the yard and she hollered til we saw her. Tomorrow they could be gone. We could be gone tomorrow. Little owl lost, now he's in the front yard. It was just really rainy. It was just really windy. Tomorrow they could be gone. We could be gone tomorrow.
Peter 02:49
Peter don't sleep tonight. Your grandpa cries. The wolf is out. The duck is dead. The cat just sighs. Ah no. Peter don't close your eyes. Grandpa might die. The wolf is out. She stalks round the garden. She whispers and she sighs to "go to sleep you pretty tired little creature, little boy. Your eyes are tired but you won't need them anymore." The wolf won't sleep tonight or she might die. You see the bird is out she wings round the garden. She cackles and she cries. "You won't be no creepy little wolf anymore. To the zoo with you"
Pine Trees 03:06
Don't leave your house too late at night. You might get stuck out in the dark. Pine trees, they whisper your name. Who could have told them? Nobody knows, but they do. They know your name. Don't leave your bedroom door unlocked cause my friend, she might visit you. The bedposts, they whisper your name. Who could have told them? Nobody knows, but, they do. They know your name. Don't get spooked if it rains tonight cause all those little noises, they're just water. I might try and meet you in your dreams tonight, so look out for me, cause I don't want to be lost.
Lullaby 01:49
Falling asleep, honestly, it's killing me. These sirens scream and wail and yell, but oh, I'm happy. I'm happy. The birds and the bees and evergreen trees, they're watching you and I am too. I'm watching you.


These songs were written in Athens, GA.
They are songs for grown up kids.


released January 10, 2020

All songs written by Franny

Evan Tyor - vocals, bass
Colin Manko - guitar
Philip Mayer - drums

Engineered and mixed by Lorenzo Wolff at Restoration Sound
Mastered by Matt Young

Thank you Liz, Lorenzo and Susie.


all rights reserved



Franny Athens, Georgia

Franny is Evan Tyor, Colin Manko and Philip Mayer

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